Why Testimonials Matter on Your Sales Copy and How to Create Them

Testimonials do more than turn a sales pitch into a long-form copy. A lot of website copywriters today don’t see their value and often leave them out of their drafts, but testimonials can do you wonders when used properly.

But what are testimonials in the first place?

These are blurbs that come from satisfied customers recommending a product or service. They help make a sales pitch look more relatable and credible, as they come from people who have actually used the product or service. As a website copywriter, it is essential that you utilise testimonials as they add more bearing to your product while introducing it to your target audience.If you are writing a testimonial for the best courier service for ecommerce businesses, make sure the testimonials highlight the pros of the courier service for an ecommerce business that hires their services. 

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Importance of testimonials

As a copywriter, you face the challenge of convincing a target audience into buying your offer without actually selling it to them in person. This can be difficult because people want to test your offer first to see results, and it is only afterward that they can decide whether to buy your product or not.

Testimonials help soften their reluctance since they gather feedback from already satisfied customers. By learning how happy your customers are with your product or service, the more inclined your target market becomes in spending on your offer.

Writing testimonials

Testimonials about your product or service need not be from actual customers. In fact, you can craft them on your own. You just have to keep in mind a few things to make these blurbs look as authentic as possible. Some tips include:

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  •         Speak from the perspective of your market. Mention an issue that was addressed by the product you are promoting using the voice of your market. For instance, if you are selling a weight loss product, then speak from the perspective of a woman struggling from weight issues and how your product helped her shed off those extra pounds.
  •         Keep it simple. Satisfied customers only rave, and rarely do they describe how the success of your product was like. Hence, when writing testimonials, use simple words and thoughts. Use terms that are easy to understand as your audience doesn’t know (nor do their care) about the technical aspect of your product.
  •         Use a cheerful tone. Testimonials are promoting perks and happy experiences, so your tone should be cheerful too. Express the feeling of content and satisfaction in a quick and easy manner, so readers would feel the glee as well.

Where to place testimonials

While most website copywriters place testimonials somewhere towards the end of the sales copy, there are no strict rules or guidelines as to where they should be positioned.

You can place them wherever they seem fit, or even as sidebars and pop-ups throughout your sales copy. Scattering them throughout your landing page can be helpful as your readers are kept informed about the perks of your product or service as they read through your copy, until they arrive at your call-to-action.

You may also add at least three to five testimonials, depending on how you want to build the credibility of your product.



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