Why Testimonials Matter on Your Sales Copy and How to Create Them

Testimonials do more than turn a sales pitch into a long-form copy. A lot of website copywriters today don’t see their value and often leave them out of their drafts, but testimonials can do you wonders when used properly. But what are testimonials in the first place? These are blurbs that come from satisfied customers […]

Various Types of Business Marketing

Business marketing is a practice that is followed by an individual person or an organization, including commercial, government or institutions. They want to follow and facilitate the sale of their services or product or anything which in return gives them profit. Business marketing is always seen as B2B. B2B means business to business. It differs […]

How To Get More Out Of Attending A Seminar

People attend seminars and lectures for a variety of reasons. Some attend because it’s mandatory, and others because they need continuing education credits. Some attend merely to be seen. However, if you attend, you might as well learn something. Invariably, after a seminar, one hears certain attendees raving about some aspects or the entire seminar, […]

Business to Business Marketing Basics

Many companies contract a business to business marketing agency to carry out various tactics in increasing popularity within the B2B market. B2B marketing is a process of promoting goods or services to other businesses or companies. This form of marketing is multifaceted, involving different strategies and making use of different channels. B2B marketing is important […]

Conference Venues in Your Cities

For the promotion of businesses, many firms and companies hold conferences, meetings, and special kinds of seminars. Conferences are meant to discuss important issues with the vendors, or discussing new ideas, training purposes, etc. These meetings or conferences are responsible for the success, or failure of any business. Venues leave an outstanding impact as much […]

Real Estate Financing – Creative Financing Tips

This year, Americans are expected to borrow $1.33 trillion in acquiring 7.4 million houses, condominiums and co-ops. Before you do any real estate financing, if you have bad credit because of consumer debt like credit cards or personal loans, you’ll want to try to eliminate or reduce this debt since it will affect your ability […]

Types of Conference Venue

If you have the responsibility of planning and organising conferences for your company then you’ll fully understand that conference venues hold a huge amount of importance when it comes to both corporate events and meetings. Whether it’s a formal gathering of delegates, a product launch or perhaps a promotion of a specific service that your […]

Getting the Most out of a Conference

For almost three decades, I have been attending conferences. For twenty years, I went as a participant, while serving as vice president of three colleges and a medical center. For the last eight years, I have gone to numerous conferences as a professional speaker and seminar leader, while I continue to attend the National Speakers […]